Leader: Bruce Thompson

Our vision is to serve the local body of believers in any capacity we can. We want to continue to grow in Christ through serving His people. Not looking for praise here on earth, but looking forward to our reward in Heaven, when Jesus will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant, now enter into the joy of your Lord."

Deacons are servants of the Church in accordance with the meaning and practice of the New Testament:

  • The deacons are the only ordained body of the Church, specifically authorized to be Servants of the Church (Acts 6: 3-7, I Timothy 3).
  • To be a deacon, you must be married and be a good provider and leader for your wife and children. Those who have served well will gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ. (I Timothy 3:12,13).

Deacon's Contact List:

  • Robert Cole 903-286-5715
  • Larry Thomas 903-676-7680
  • Jim Renfroe 832-517-1596
  • Gary Carnes 404-805-0679
  • Seth Pruitt 903-681-6041
  • Dante Matero 903-714-4849
  • Bruce Thompson 903-372-6864