What to Expect

When coming to Faith Fellowship Church, please know that we are serious about becoming a church that is "not about self."

Some key expectations: 

*Wear whatever you like!  Our desire is to be less predisposed to focusing on the outer appearance.

*You'll be welcomed!  We're eager to get to know you.

*We are not perfect!  If you're looking for perfect, you will not find it here.

*Authentic corporate worship - Faith Fellowship's stylistically blended worship services reflect the great heritage of our past with a strong focus on the future; the most important thing is that all who attend have freedom to worship with their hearts.

*Biblical, Christ-centered preaching and teaching!  We desire to know and live out all the great truths of scripture and to reflect Christ in our faith and practice.

*Bible Study - we take this seriously!  You'll discover age-graded Bible study groups, and a growing number of targeted/topical studies with all generations coming together.


Other expectations:


How excited we are to be part of the lives of the children in our care and what a privilege we find in our responsibility to help them grow as Jesus did: in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God, and in favor with man (Luke 2:52)! During worship, the children are welcomed to stay for the entire service if you so choose. However, there is a time in our service where we dismiss children who are in 3rd grade and below for them to go to a seperate area to learn truths taught to them on their level!


Nursery/ Preschool

Preschoolers at Faith Fellowship learn about Jesus in a safe environment. Our trained staff work to establish a creative and fun environment for your child to learn simple truths about the Bible. Our purpose is to work alongside parents toward training up their children in a way that develops a strong, spiritual foundation and which also cultivates the child's emotional, intellectual, and social growth. Through hands-on, direct teaching, our preschoolers learn Bible stories, verses, and values from our team of dedicated workers who have made serving Christ and the children of Faith Fellowship a priority in their lives.


Children (K-5th)

At Faith Fellowship, our desire is be a part of instilling in the children a hunger to know and love the Lord! Our teachers seek to challenge children through age-appropriate, active learning experiences, and with guided discussions. We strive to support families in challenging their children to dive into God's word and to grow in a relationship with Him. Through building friendships, praying together, and exploring the Bible together, children have opportunities to mature just as Christ did!