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Protecting children and those who serve them

MinistrySafe provides a complete Child Safety System designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.  

Every Child/Youth program within Fatih Fellowship Church wants to provide a safe, inviting environment where learning and enrichment can occur. When an effective Safety System is put in place, staff members and volunteers can focus on their core purpose, knowing precautions have been taken to prevent abuse and protect children in their care.

Our extensive experience providing training and resources to child-serving organizations shapes our industry-specific Safety System elements.




Understanding what to report:

  • If you see a child that you think might be at risk of sexual exploitation, then you should report it to local law enforcement or a hotline/helpline.
  • The more concrete information you can provide with your report the greater the chance that law enforcement will be able to act to save the child.

Good to know:

  • A child is any person below 18 years
  • Girls and boys can be victim of sexual exploitation
  • Both men and women can be perpetrators

Your actions make an impact:

"I saw something strange in a bar with a young girl. I just went to the website and reported it, just in case." Niels, 30.

"I wasn't sure what I saw, but I was concerned. I went to the website and felt better for taking action." Patricia, 55.

"I immediately went on WiFi of the local restaurant, while the situation was fresh in my mind." Petra, 44

"I couldn't stop thinking about it in the hotel. It took me only a few minutes to make a report." Jessica, 28


Suspicious situations:

  • An adult touches a child inappropriately at the pool, beach, restaurant, bar or club
  • An adult isolates himself/herself with a child, e.g. in a hotel room or a (private) apartment
  • An adult takes many pictures of children, especially on the beach and at the pool

Every child behaves differently. They might not always seem uncomfortable or scared, which may give a false idea that they are not victims. Trust your gut feeling when you observe the potential sexual exploitation of a child.

Unsure? Always make a report!


Where to REPORT

National Children's Alliance at or 1-800-239-9950

ChildHelp USA National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD



Know the Facts About

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Abusers


Sexual abusers will seek access to children where protective barriers are low

  • Protective barriers in the Church tend to be critically low, creating a target for predators

  • Ongoing failure to address this issue results in increased risk to children in ministry programs

Less than 10% of sexual abusers will EVER encounter the criminal justice system

  • A criminal background check alone is NOT an effective Safety System

  • Sexual abusers KNOW when there is no criminal record to be found

  • Criminal background checks are vital, but they have limitations and are NOT a silver bullet

There is NO visual profile for molesters

  • Most molesters appear helpful, trustworthy and responsible

  • Abusers come from all segments of society and many are married, educated and have families

90% of victims are abused by someone they know and trust

  • Abduction offenses (the ‘snatch and grab’) are a fraction of sexual abuse occurrences

  • Sexual abusers groom children and gatekeepers prior to sexual behavior

  • Staff members and volunteers are gatekeepers and MUST understand and be able to recognize the abuser’s ‘grooming process'