Staci Cook: Cindy Beck, Denise Renfroe, and Jamie Gardner




Abuse comes in many forms. It is prevalent around the world and in virtually every community. Its destructive effects can be life-long and intergenerational.


We believe God made humans in his own image. This involves humans being made relational beings. Thus, we are best nurtured and healed in relationship. MTS provides resources which are best utilized with others.

Mending the Soul believes that trauma caused by humans is overwhelmingly pervasive in the world, and is often the root cause of society’s most vexing problems. When abuse trauma is properly addressed it transforms individuals, marriages, friendships, families, parenting, communities, and nations.
We understand the depth of pain associated with trauma, and shine a light on abuse, bringing it out of the dark. We believe in healing the survivors of abuse and breaking the cycle of inter-generational bondage, by equipping those who have suffered the most, to heal and help others within their communities.
MTS also knows the body of Christ can offer long-term support that transcends the limits of individual psychotherapy. Furthermore, we believe the most complete soul healing from abuse trauma results from a combination of theologically-precise and psychologically-informed curricula.

Our Mission

Isaiah 61:1-4

To bring community-based restoration to people worldwide who have experienced abuse.